DRC Systems USA LLC Criminal Complaint, Suspicion of embezzlement?

Criminal complaint against DRC Systems USA LLC ? For a while DRC Systems make us an offer for a website extension. We send the money, but later DRC Systems from India said, that they can not do that for such amount. So the company want to refund the money. We wait and wait for the refund, but DRC Systems USA LLC and DRC Systems from India do not pay our money back.

Criminal complaint against DRC Systems USA LLC.

Now we decide to create a criminal complaint against DRC Systems USA LLC. The public prosecution will now checked the suspicion of embezzlement. We will see what the test results.

We contact the management of DRC Systems – Mr. Mahesh Sutariya, Mr. Kirit Gajera and Mr. Hiten Barchha – but nothing helps! They take our money, delivery no product and not refund the money. The management is no great help in this case. We send several reminders, but they refund not the money.

We wait now on the response of the public prosecution.

That example shows that offshore development had a high risk and customers can lost all of his money with thus companies.

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