Experience DRC Systems – Offshore Development in India

You are interest on experience about the company DRC Systems, the offshore development from Ahmedabad in India? Then you are right on this website.

Experience DRC Systems – Offshore Development in India

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In the next weeks we will public on this website our experience about the work with the Typo3 agency DRC Systems.  It´s an very interest story about an agency, which can not complete a website in 5 years ! ! !

Typo3 agency can not complete a community website in 5 years!

The specialist for Typo3 developments of DRC Systems can not complete a community website in 5 years. The experience with the management of DRC Systems is, that they found no solution.

For an upgrade from Typo3 4.4 to Typo3 6.2 a team with around 5 developers needs around one year.  If you think after this time, the project was completed,  you are wrong. More details comes later.

Before that, we give an order for an further extension, but they never begin with that. So we agreed the refund of the money for that. But DRC Systems never refund the money for that.

We stop the project, but DRC Systems do not want to refund our money. And the offshore development agency do not pay a contractually agreed penalty.

More details about the collaboration on this page about the work of DRC Systems you will see in the next time.


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The URL of this page you will find on all our cars. And we will be there on CEBIT 2017 – CEBIT 2017 between March 20th to 24th in Hannover, Germany.  We will distribute flyers and make advertise.

In March 2017 we will public our experience on YouTube. And we will public different press releases about this page and the risk of offshore development.

A translation of this page in German, French, Italy and Spanish it’s in preparation.

All the world should be know, how DRC Systems work.

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