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Business Reviews and Rating DRC Systems from India and DRC Systems USA LLC from New York.

Under the keyword offshore development, we have made a review and rating of the company DRC Systems from India.
Review DRC Systems from India / from Ahmedabad and DRC Systems USA LLC. from New York.

Address of Contract from DRC Systems:
Mauriya Atria
Opp. Kalgi Flats and Atithi Dining Hall
Ahmedabad – 380054

Our evaluation has different evaluation criteria. Before we begin, the following question:
Why any offshore programming?

Arguments for offshore programming?

Indian programmers are very competent? A few years ago, this was claimed. Disillusion came with time.

Another point: Offshore programming is cheaper. If that’s true?
We would like to clarify this with our rating.

The candidate: The company DRC Systems from Ahmedabad in India. The company DRC Systems USA LLC. has an office in New York. In 2011 we placed an order.
Evaluation – The project data for DRC Systems from India:

Project start: January 2011.
Planned completion: end of 2011 (7 months)
Actual completion: No completion (March 2017).
Project: Creation of a community website

The management team.

The management team was very hard to get the order. Communication initially good. However, the project is the responsibility of the project leader. Management does not care about this anymore.

Rating: Little interest in the project.

The project managers.

In 5 years, several project managers.
Basis for our inquiry: list with all functions, more than 180 pages. This list was the working basis.

Project leader number 1:
Towing Communication. Occasionally times an e-mail. After some time: information project manager overloaded. I should write directly with programmers.

Project leader number 2:
Was a woman. This made a very good job. The quality was much better. Unfortunately the lady changed to another company. And that after a short time.

Project leader number 3:
Was a man, what did he do? This question I asked myself, probably not alone. The result: Developer my contact. My impression: Project manager had no idea of ​​the project.

Rating: Insufficient.

The development team.

Different programmers in use.

The first group, immediately started the project. The developers worked on images. (The pictures from the list with the functions.) Your own design was not created. Work was done only after the pictures in the function list. Description of functions not understood. Probably the list with the functions was not read. Even the project name was wrong.

Designs were implemented graphically to 100%. Errors were also implemented 100%. Extensively with CSS different heights of pictures were created. Completely unnecessary. Little independent work. No 10 suggestions in 5 years. No effort to optimize the project or work. The cooperation is little inspiration.

Quality of programming and fault detection.

Highly detailed screens were provided. Simple functions had to be explained frequently. Not infrequently, four e-mail to individual points.

List with 30 points. The list comes back, 30 is done. After verification: determination 28 points not completed. Second run completed more points. Often, „not understood“ comes. Re-detailed description and drawing necessary. Lists repeatedly sent back and forth, until finally complete.

Completed often means: Not understood. Results are rarely or not verified. The project manager says function is done. On the test server, however, the function has an error.

The work often seems to be unstructured. Progress has been overridden. Then everything has to be checked again.

After about five years of working with Typo3, advice from a developer: For this project, a different framework would be better.

Always promise:
– Work will be finished to complete the work.
– Quality is improved.
– Verification is improved.
– Update of Typo3 within a few months. In fact about a year. Here five developers have been working on it.

Everything did not help. No commitment was fulfilled by DRC Systems from India. Developers always tried hard and friendly. It did not help.

The delivery time.

Delivery time of 7 months agreed. More than 5 years of work. The website is not ready until today (03/2017).

Rating: Not acceptable.
Fulfillment of the contract.

To date not delivered.
Contract penalty is not paid.
Refund purchase price not done.

Rating: Unreliable contract partner.

The overall rating:

The overall assessment provides a bad picture. No area has convinced. Website was not delivered. Compensation not paid. Management stops responding!

Rating: Development in India is cheaper than in Germany. Financial advantage equals itself. Quality and the delivery time is not acceptable.

wo advice: In developments in India, payment only when everything is ready. Check all functions in detail. Otherwise there is a risk of losing money. The Indian legal system is different. Demanding claims is long-standing. Contractual agreements are often not recognized. Indian offshore developers seem to know that. Review of DRC Systems: Unfortunately very bad. The contract was not fulfilled. Damages not paid. Management ignores the matter.

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