Post for DRC Systems India PVT.LTD. in India – Registered letter with return receipt

On 11th May 2017 we send a letter to DRC Systems India PVT.LTD.. It was an registered letter with return receipt. It was very impressive, how long this letter need to the offshore Software development in Ahmedabad India.

11th May 2017 start by post in Germany
24th May 2017 Delivery to DRC Systems in Ahmedabad = 13 days !

24th May 2017 Start of return receipt in Ahmedabad
04th July 2017 Delivery in Germany = 31 days !

The letter to the software development programming contains a payment request. But as we know DRC Systems from India, there was no solution. Management does not react and does not pay! The whole story on this website.

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