Criminal Complaint against DRC Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Today we make a criminal complaint against DRC Systems India PVT.LTD. The public prosecutor’s office should check whether there is a criminal offense from DRC Systems India PVT.LTD.  We had already made a criminal complaint against the headquarter in New York, but the manager said DRC Systems USA LLC. is only affilate partner, the fact to this you find here.

Criminal complaint against DRC Systems India PVT.LTD.

Why we do this? We made a payment for an extension, but DRC Systems said, after payment, that they can not development the extension for this money. So the money should be refunded. But until today, we get no money back. Because we made a criminal complaint.

Rating and Review about DRC Systems from India

The full story about Rating and Review about DRC Systems from India and DRC Systems USA LLC our readers found here. So you know which risk are possible if you decide to use Offshore software development. So customers should be careful with orders in other countries, where others rights are there.

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